When it comes to traveling, i always fall into excitement.

The browsing about where-to-go, how-to-travel, when-to-depart, where-to-eat, and ultimately who-i-go-with?
I do like solo traveling, but a travel-buddy will make the whole difference on how you enjoy the trip. A good travel-mate will make a joyous trip, a bad travel-buddy will make a disastrous trip. Believe me, you just don’t want a bad travel-buddy, it is baaaadddd for your sanity x))

Luckily for me, i meet a perfect travel-buddy among my colleagues at senior high school.

I met anis, amel and sapi (actually her name is savitri..x)) ) when i was in senior high school. We’re getting closer each day with some other friends. It lead us to our very first trip together – to Harapan Island, Pulau Seribu.

Since then, we just can’t stop thinking “where to go next? when the budget airlines are having a great sale?” Plus we don’t have anyone who objected our hobby, and we’re very single at that time. Single, lots of money and lots of leave balance…perfect life! Don’t ask us now, or you will be a very unlucky person of the day. x))

Its easy to plan a trip with them since we have a pretty much same background. We are a simple traveler with a simple vision…we’re just happy being on a trip. We hate to be worrying on simple things. Kalau bisa mudah, kenapa harus susah?

We’re not a super wealthy people, we talk about money bluntly. If one of us cannot afford it, then we find other place or other way to reach it. we did not make any itineraries, ngahaaahaahaa…..We only bring a travel book for reference and just wandering the places as far as our feet can make it.

Lack of topics to talk?? No, it won’t happen to us. We can talk for houuursssss…on the same topic and we have a lot of topics to talk. Not to mention gossiping. hiihiiihii…apalagi ada si sapi yang hobi banget berhenti dibuatnya ngakak..x))

GambarPeople said that if you want to know a true character of a person, go travel with them. If its the case, then me, amel, anis and sapi already tested and (un)fortunately we can bear each other’s quirkyness…x))


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